Recipe of a becoming a nurse in the United Kingdom.


       *Must be a registered nurse in your own country.
       *No need to have an experience but I recommend you to have at least 1 year of experience, volunteer experience is acceptable.
       *Must pass the UKVI IELTS (band score of 6.5 in writing and 7 in listening, speaking and reading).
       *If IETLS is a tad bit difficult for you, try OET. ( Must get a band score of B in reading, writing, speaking and listening which is equivalent to band 7 in ielts) but you still need to take UKVI IELTS for your visa.
       *Apply to an agency.
  • IMG_6898


      *Mine is called CONTINENTAL TRAVEL NURSE UK, an agency based in the UK which is affiliated with IPAMS agency in the Philippines.
        *I emailed the Continental Travel Nurse after passing my OET exam where by  you can find it from there own website, I received an email from Mr. Carl (NMC Manager) who recommended me to Ms. Smith, my agent, who guided me all the way through my applications.
        *Lucky for me I got hired immediately without being interviewed. They check my papers whether I am qualified then from there I was told to open an account in the Nursing and Midwifery Council website to start my application for the exam, you need to pay a registration fee.
       *You have to pass two exams. The first one is you can take it anywhere around the world which is called the CBT, a multiple choice computer base test. It’s comprises of 120 multiple choice questions. I self reviewed and took my review notes at the website. What you need to know is all in that website and it’s FREE! You need to pay for the CBT exam by the way.
       *After passing the CBT exam you need to start processing your papers for the OSCE exam. Which is the second and final processed for you to become a UKRN. It is a test that you can only take in the UK.
        *The Nursing and Midwifery council need all your documents for idenity checks where by you need to write to your schools and PRC to make them forward those required documents in the UK. If you are working from another country, you also need to send a letter to the respected body of comission that regulates nursing.
        *All the details you need, will be provided in the NMC website once you registered with them

   *Afterwards, now that identity check was done and I already had an employer in the UK to sponsor my visa, Continental Travel Nurse forwarded my papers to the IPAMS agency in the Philippines to do all the  visa processing and paperworks.IMG_6841

    Waiting time:
     *3 to 6 months
       *It just so happened that my contract is ending in Singapore, so I bade my farewell to my fabulous colleauges and friends there, then went back to the Philippines to do all the required medical checkups which is needed for my departure in the UK.
       *After receving my medical certificate with a stamp of “fit to work”. I processed my visa, waited for 15 days for the arrival then my plane ticket was booked by my agent in the UK.
       *I applied in December 2018 in the UK and for the reason that I need to wait for the end of my contract I only flew here on the 3rd of June 2019. (Inclusives in these dates are doing my medical check ups and waiting for the visa)

        *All expenses paid. From medical check up, to plane ticket, IELTS, CBT and or OET will be reimburse to you.

    *Upon arrival in the UK, it depends upon the hospital you are working whether you are going to focus on reviewing for a month and take the OSCE or like me who work and review at the same time for two months before tackling the exam.

        *Your hospital will the one to prepare you for the OSCE exam so no need to worry about it, just do your thing, take it seriously, memorise it by heart, study hard and you will definitely pass!
    The OSCE exam comprises of six stations. You will do Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, and two Skills. (Removal of urinary catheter, peak flow meter, BLS, collecting of urine specimen, IM injection, SQ injection, inhalation, fluid balance chart.)

    Read the Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures 9th edition.
    Familiarise yourself with the 100 most common medications being given in the UK.

Be confident. Smile. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice not just with your friends but to your other colleagues as well.

    Good luck to everyone and cheers!
    Have FAITH, GOD is good all the time!


Jay Yocogan

(@youarealoverofwords)-check my insta and you can ask me anything.



Mount Pinatubo. Hiking it with my Mom.

Heading to the crater whilst riding a 4by4 pick up.

Baguio City to Tarlac. We took the Genesis bus and aligth at Capas Tarlac Mcdonald. (Fare is 270 pesos/person, duration of the trip is four hours.)

From Capas to Santa Juliana we took a tricycle. ( Fare is 300 pesos, duration of the trip is almost an hour.)

Where to stay:

Allan Bognot’s Guesthouse: We stayed at this place which was recommended by our tricycle driver. It is totally safe and the rooms are spacious,elegant looking and clean with a touch of a rustic spanish design.

(Cost 1800/night-That is already the biggest room including a big double bed, a double decker bed as well, a toilet and shower with a sink and a sumptous breakfast.)

The view heading to mount Pinatubo.

After a good night of sleep our host kindly arrange us a tour, which cost 5500. The price inluded the following: 4by4 truck, tour guide and the tourism tax, I highly recommend you join with other tourist so that you can half the price. They offer lunch as well but not included which is 200pesos/person.

After eating our breakfast we started our tour at 0630H am, all in all there are 5 of us inside the pick up, including our tour guide and the driver.

Going to the crater it’s really bumpy, so hold on tight on your seats. Dusty, so remember to bring a hanky with you. It is sweltering hot, so have a cap or an umbrella and a water with you and last but the least after an hour of bumpy ride you still need to trekk going to the crater, that is why wear a comfortable hiking shoes. A waterproof one is ideal cos you are going to cross canals or streams.

Was it worth it?

Heck yeah! But you can be the judge to that so here it is, the crater. If you are dreading about how many hours is the hike, well it only took us about 20 minutes to get there.

Mount Pinatubo Crater.

Well, thats it for today. This can be done for less than day. That’s why after we visited this place, we decided to head home afterwards. The place is beautiful, calm and you can see ducks swimming in the lake. If you want you can stick around for a few hours and witness how the colour of the lake changes.

Thanks for reading and making it this far. Happy Sunday!

Sending Positivity and good vibes. 🙂



Hiking the third highest mountain in the Philippines. (Mount Pulag)

GPTempDownload 2.JPG

Things needed:

  • A medical certificate stating that you are fit to hike Mount Pulag.
  • Bonnet/ cap.
  • Gloves (it is freezing cold up there).
  • Raincoat and umbrella. (In case it will rain which they said it always does in the afternoon.)
  • Food and water.
  • Hiking shoes.
  • Thick water proof hiking pants & jacket, and a warmer.
  • Money.
  • Medicines.
  • Tent, blankets, cooking utensils (if you have plans to camp).
  • Flashlight, battery bank and your camera.
  • Plastic bag (for garbage disposal).

Getting there:

From Baguio city take a van from Slaughter house in route to Kabayan and tell the driver to alight you at Ambangeg area.

Fare is 130 pesos/per Pax.

After reaching the place there are motorcycles with designated drivers for tourist convenience in case you need a ride. But before they bring you to the visitor’s center for registration you need to show them your medical certificate. If you don’t have one, there is a nearby district hospital where they can bring you and get one. Medical certifictae cost 100pesos/Pax.

1st stop: Visitor’s center

  • There is a registration fee which is 175pesos/ Pax.
  • You are going to have an orientation about the do’s and don’ts of hiking Mount Pulag. (Just remember these two things and your good to go: bring your garbage with you and RESPECT the place, the locals and the mountains.)
  • Decide which trail you need to take. Usually, they’ll recommend the Ambangeg Trail for 1st time hikers, Akiki Trail for those who are looking for adventure and there’s that trail for the pro that will take days before reaching the summit which unfortunately, I forgot the name.
  • Remember as well that during weekends there’s a huge influx of tourists going up the summit that is why they suggest to make a reservation before getting there. This is the contact number for those who want to make a reservation  (+63 910 641 2678).


2nd stop: Rangers station

Afterwards, from the visitors center we ride a motorcycle going up the rangers station, a 30 minutes ride. You need to register here again and pay the LGU fee (150 pesos per/Pax) and tour guide fee (600pesos).  Motorcycle fee is 250pesos/Pax.

You’ll decide whether you will do a homestay (stay in one of the local houses, we paid 300pesos  per/Pax) or do camping (from here you need to hike all the way to camp two which is about four hours and have your camping there).


3rd stop: Homestay

Since we choose homestay the people at the ranger station kindly shows us a place to stay. (You can ask your host to cook for you and prepare dinner and breakfast for a fee, we paid 100 pesos / meal).

We reach our place at 02:30 pm. Then we are given instruction to rest as the start of our hike is at 01:00 am. You can buy anything here, from food to jackets, blanket, rain coats or rent a tent or a cane.


4th stop: Camp one: Pine forest

Our tour guide fetched us from our place at 01:00 am, so begins our hike going up. After an hour we’ve approached camp one, they have a toilet here that you can relieve yourself, before continuing on to your march.

5th stop: Camp two: Mossy forest

After trekking for almost 2 hours we reached the campsite, a designated place for campers who want to experience the freezing cold weather of Mount Pulag.

It was 03:00am when we arrived at the place which is a bit too early than our target time, so we rested for 30 minutes.

6th stop: The Summit: Grassland 

Sunset was expected at 05:30 am and we got there at 04:30am.

Yup proud to say that we are the very first hikers to reach the summit, even though it is freezing cold, windy and dark. The feeling of being in one with nature while gazing at those bright stars and the Moon, speaking of which I kept telling my mom, it seems that we can touch the moon. It looks so big and round and just breathtakingly beautiful.

If you have time, do not miss this experience.

I highly recommended the route we took which is  the Ambangeg trail, hiking at 01am in the morning, we are blind going up that is why the trees look dark, omnipotent and scary, the trails are slippery and very steep and the music you’ll hear is the sound of crickets, birds and other wild animals groaning in their sleep  but then going down, we are rewarded with such wonderful sights of the flora and fauna of what Mount Pulag has to offer.


A big shout outs to the locals who maintains the sacredness and cleanliness of the place. Hopefully the greatness of this place will be upheld always. Not just for the next generation to come but because we owed it to our mother earth to protect our mountains, animals and forest.

Will be planning to come here again but this time I would like to try the Akiki trail.

Thank you for reading.

Up next will our Mount Pinatubo trip.

Happy reading,

@jayyocogan. ( <—More pictures on my instagram account.)





How to be happy?

Hey 👋🏿 there beautiful humans are how we today.

So I’ve chosen for the month of February to share with you the things that makes me happy .

To start with, I am a very simple person, that from simply seeing a beautiful flower to reading a good book is already enough to bring a smile into my lips.

As much as possible I want to incorporate minimalism in life in such a way that I want my happiness to arise without the involvement of materialistic things.

So here it is. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it.

1. Beautiful thoughts 💭

When you wake up Everyday what is the first things that pops up in your mind that makes you wanna jump out of bed and ready to tackle the day.

I’ll tell you a secret, once you put in your mind that you are going to have a great day then you will definitely have a fantastic one.

It’s all in the mind my dear, filtering what’s goes on inside our head makes a big impact on our happiness. With this I mean, let go of jealousy, pride, stress and ego. And replace it with gratefulness, mindfulness, kindness and love.

2. Post it note and a good book 📚.

They said the cheapest way to travel 🧳 is read 📖 a book, which I definitely agree 💯 per cent.

I am currently reading this one and you are not going to believe how much learning I got from perusing it. Hats off to the incredible author of this book who goes all out and search for the meaning of happiness around the world 🌍 and share it to us.

Post it note 📝, is a must in life.

I guessed for me they serve as a reminder that when I’m feeling sad or unhappy I’ll just have to look into this notes I made and it’s enough to elevate my spirit.

3. Listen to the child in you and let it out.

Come on dear, play, be curious, ask people how are they, say hi to the dog 🐕, say good morning to random people, be crazy and don’t be too serious my dear it makes you look older.

4. Go out and make memories.

You know the best things in life are those moments you shared your laughter, happiness and smile with other people.

Instead of being cooped up inside the four corners of your room, why not text your Friends and go for a hike, biking 🚵‍♀️, Swimming 🏊🏼‍♀️, run 🏃🏽‍♀️, picnic 🧺, singing 🎤, mountain 🏔 climbing 🧗‍♂️.

And please remember to stay safe.

That’s it my dear , thanks for making it this far.

So today is a love 💖 month, don’t be sad or angry if you don’t have someone with you. Instead, I thinks it’s time you appreciate the presence of people around you.

Go out with your mom or sister or dad or your friends and have some fun, celebrate 🎉 love 💗 with those who supported you throughout life.

Or visit a relative who is in the hospital, plant a tree, donate or maybe it’s time to LOVE AND FORGIVE YOURSELF COS YOU DESERVE IT.




It is ok, I write. You read. ;)

Hey there, its been a while.

So how’s our last year christmas by far or our post new year.

The resolutions we made. Are we all good about making them happen.

Before I share you a story here are my new years resolution:

*Read more. (Just finished reading two books this January)

*Listen more. ( To my friends, my family and to the universe.)

*Disconnect to connect. 

*More family time.

*Be more mindful.

*To Finish a 30 km and a 42km marathon. (My 30km is on the  23rd of February,  42km still undecided when and where.)

*Write more.

*Appreciate more the simple things in life.

*Balance my financial gains and allocate more savings.

*Be a volunteer in animal sanctuary. 

*Plant a tree.

*Sustainability-I want to apply this particular word in each and every aspect of my life .

*I want to help more without expecting something in return. And just let the universe do that for me.


So here it goes, on December 31, 2017 my dear friend Bren brings out a white envelope, a piece of paper and a pen. She instructed us, my housemates and I to write the things we want to accomplish in the year 2018, address the letter to our self put it inside the envelope, sealed it then only to open it up on the 31st of December 2018.



Fast forward on the 31st of December, I was on night shift duty that is why I was only able to open my letter on the 1st of January 2019.

I wrote big things or big dreams in my letter. And to my surprise two of my major goals that year happened. I passed two major exams in just one take which I considered crucial in furthering my career and OMG I am just so freaking thankful about it. But most importantly it was all possible because of HIM.

To the universe and to the Omnipotent One, thank you so much.

I want to share this story not because I want to brag about me passing my exam, but rather to make you believe that anything is possible, that there is magic in this world as long you believe in it and make sure to make those dreams happen.

So why not start getting that blank sheet of paper, a pen and an envelope and start writing your goals for 2019.  Then only open it up at the end of this year.

(My friend Bren, read this somewhere and she shared it with us and I want to share it with you too, let us spread the magic.)

Thank you if you made it this far.  Cheers to 2019.






Things to do in Hong Kong.


Arriving at the airport, I recommend you to buy this type of octopus card. It cost 150HKD. (50 HKD for the deposit which you can get a refund once you return the card and 100HKD will be the remaining value ).

Uses: Just put 500HKD on it and you are good to go around Hong Kong, this is your ticket in riding the tram, MTR, buses, ferry, taxi and you can also use to pay for your food at any selected fast food chains, coffee shops or seven eleven stores.

(Tip: From the airport do not use the express train if you are not in a hurry it will cost you 65HKD, instead, use a bus going to the city centre the fare is around 21 HKD, you will not only save money but having to ride a bus will avail you this kind of view.

Day 01 Lantau/ Big Buddha

Located at Ngong Pin, Lantau Island, jump-start your Hong Kong adventure by starting at the Big Buddha.

There are three ways to get there it is either via Bus, ferry or cable car.

We choose to take the ferry at the City Center, then ride a bus which you can just get around the ferry terminal.


After tackling the 268 steps, opposite the big statue is the Po Lin Monastery, a sacred place for the monks. There is an open spacious courtyard where you can get some incense to lit and say your prayer or thanks. Flowers and trees surrounded the place and some marble benches and tables are strategically put up for tourists convenience.

Near this place is a popular local vegetarian food where you can get your meals. And if this one is not your fancy, there is the Ngong Ping Village which is located on the opposite side of this place, you can buy selection of souvenirs and there are various food and coffee shops as well to stuff your stomach.img_1784

Day 02 Inspirational lake

Located one kilometer walk away from Disneyland, is this scenic place where you can enjoy a relaxing day with friends and family. There are pedal boats and surrey bikes that you can rent to navigate the place.


Day 03 Ocean park

Tip: Book your ticket online, much cheaper. (

If you are an adrenalin junkie then this place is for you mate. From seeing different kind of fish to trying out heart stopping rides, I highly recommend the Hair Riser and The flush.

Another thing also, do not ever miss the cable car ride as this will afford you a stunning panoramic view of Hong Kong. Once you pay the entrance free, all cable car, rides and shows are free. A gentle reminder that food is not allowed inside, they have security personnel checking bags.

Day 04   Hike the Victoria Peak

Lucky for us, the Hostel we stayed in offered a free hike with a tour guide going to the peak. So, from our place, we took a tram then alighted at the city center and from there start our hike going up.

This view welcome us at the top, our guide told us it will only take 1 hour to hike, but, ours took us almost 3 hours. There are reasons why such thing happen.

  1. While going up, dog, dogs and more dogs stop us from our walk, we need to stop say our Hi and Hello first.
  2. We chat to some people we meet along the way.
  3. We took pictures and loads of pictures.
  4. Rest is the most important part.

We reach the victoria peak, but not the summit, fortunately my friends who are with us manage to make it and proudly showed us this picture.


While for us, we went inside the victoria peak and take advantage of their Free Trick Eye Museum.

Day 05 Disneyland

Tip: Book your ticket online, much cheaper. (

If you have kids with you or older people, Disneyland is very much recommended.

It is a fantasy land, I mean let your inner child rule you for just one day and enjoy  life. Do not miss the parade of the Disney characters, the 3D rides and do not forget to wear your smile.



Day 06

1st stop

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Located at Po Fook Hill, Pai Tau Village, Sha Tin is one of the most popular tourist destination in Hong Kong. A walk 10 minutes from the MTR station. There are friendly monkeys on the way up. A nine story pagoda can be seen upon arrival. The place radiates of peacefulness, bask in it and just be happy.

2nd stop

Nan Lian Garden ( No. 60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

After our rendezvous at ten thousand buddha we came here to chill and appreciate nature.

These are the things we saw.:

  1. Their very carefully maintained and cultivated gardens.

2. Chinese Timber Achitecture Gallery.

“Chinese timber architecture is not merely practical but also has its charm and aesthetic characteristics.”

3. The Rockery

“Romance of stones is also known as scholar’s stones, strange stones or artistic stones. Such stones are geological formation and igneous rocks which are shaped and sculpted by weathering, or worn down by flowing water for thousands of years.”

3rd stop Bowling

Shop 2, Screen World Site 8 Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

It is the last leg of our journey and what better way to end it by having a game with friends.



Places to eat:

1.Cafe de coral (within the budget)

2.Hashinoya (Cheaper)

3. The Optimist (Expensive) but the service is great.

4. Nha prang (within the budget) a Vietnamese food. The food there is supah dupah delicious.

5. Chao Chao (within the budget)

6.Jollibee (ok)

7.McDonald (ok)

8. Wellcome: A name of a grocery store where you can buy within the price range goods. Home cooked food still is the best if you are within a tight budget.

This is my second time visiting Hong Kong, I first came here in 2011 which is my very first travel outside the Philippines and stayed for almost a month when my moms are still working here, now I am back again the second time and I still freaking love it.

My first 5 days are spent with my two moms and big brother,  and the last 5 days are with my friends. Super grateful for the experience I had with them. Hong Kong is great and easy to navigate. Teeming with loads of people especially on Sundays.

Some of the pictures I used courtesy to Glenzy.  And for the people who I am with on this trip, it is not possible without you all. Hong Kong, Thank you, next.

Merry christmas  to whoever is reading this one, sending you a one tight hug and kisses.


@jayyocogan (follow me on instagram for more pictures, thank you.)


Celebrating life.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I have not been keeping tabs lately into blogging that is why I decided that today I am going to walk you all  through to what I had been up to these past few weeks.

1. Volunteer.


One of my proudest moment yet. Being there and raising awareness to people is already enough to pat my self at the back and say to myself, “well done Jay”. If you want to get some gist of what we did. We teach people on how to Spot a Stroke, given that it is one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Just remember this four words FAST.

How F.A.S.T. you act makes a difference:
Face drooping.
Arm Weakness
Speech Difficulty.
Time to call 995

If you want to know more about stroke then click this link.

2. Exercise

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

During my free time, I hooked up with some friends and we all go out for swimming, biking or running. I believe that one of the ways to stay healthy physically and mentally is to stay active as much as possible. 

3. I Motivate myself.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So during my me time, I like to go to church and give my thanks and praise to HIM. At the same time I especially like reading quotes, it is one of those things that helps me keep going forward. The main reason why I ordered this particular hoodie from at @pointlessblogs merch is because of the powerful quote that was imbedded at the back of it.  

Do your future self a FAVOUR and work hard TODAY.

4.  Go Green


Reuse, reduce and recycle. 

I do not own a car so I always use a public transport, sometimes I also bike my way home. When I go to the supermarket I bring a bag for my groceries. I tried not to use a straw as much as possible, I dispose my trash properly. I turn-off the lights or the air con if I am not using it. What about you? What are the things you are doing to help save mother earth.

5. Celebrate Life.


Every now and then, when one of us celebrates a birthday, we all gather around and celebrate it. It is not just about having to stuff our stomachs with foods but what we always look forward to it, is the fun and bonding we are going to have. 

6. My first ever Halloween party+ a birthday celebration again. =)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

You can tell how giddy we all are as the majority of us here are first timers in donning our Halloween costumes. Thanks to one of  our dear friend Jerilyn (the birthday celebrant)  who went all out and made this thing possible. Truly it is one of those remarkable and unforgettable experience I had ever had. The laughter and smiles we shared are unending, those mind-boggling games causing us to run out of breath and mightily compete with each other to claim those tempting prices, yummy mouth-watering foods, running through the rain, and scaring each other to death. I just can’t express the happiness and the fun we all did.

Pretty much, that’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed reading it so far. Be Happy and love your neighbour. XOXO