Peak District National Park

Hope, Derbyshire~ Hopping off from the train station , I’ve received a text message from my friends who’s coming before me. Unfortunately, their arrival is a bit late cos of some train disruption. They told me to not wait for them and just to head off to our accommodation.

The walk~Instead of taking the bus, I decided to walk from the station going to Castleton. If you’re a person who appreciate nature and animals, the 30 minutes walk is worth every step as you take in the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

Yha Castleton~ The place is strategically located at the center of this large beautiful landscape surrounded with trees. There’s are sheep’s 🐑 happily grazing grasses around the premises, you’ll see squirrels 🐿 darting on the trees, a chicken pecking the ground looking for food, tents ⛺️ for campers.It’s the most amazing fantastic place I’ve ever stayed at. I so love nature and animals, and since they have wooden tables and chairs placed outside for guest convenience I happily sat down there an hour or two just to watched those events unfolded in front of my eyes.

Yha Castleton- they offer camping 🏕 tents if you want to camp outside, however, since it’s cold we just stayed inside.

Mam tor~ The following day we set off to see the famous Mam tor. ‘Twas a one of my best hike yet. Arriving at the top of the mountains🏔 families, hikers, flock the place.

The view itself is incredible, on our left there are people doing DIY para gliding. Like I want to try it too!

Flowers 🌷, cows 🐄, sheep 🐑, grassland, stream, caves , muddy trails, cobblestone pathways, happy people are what we saw that day.

Ladybower reservoir~The next day upon check out, we took a train going to Bamford station then from there hike our way to Lady Bower Reservoir. It took us an hour to reached the place.

Lady bower reservoir

‘Twas a large dam with two reservoirs, since we don’t have much time to explore the whole place we did only a 30 minutes walk to survey the place.

Ambled along the bridge, tooksome pics, take in some fresh air, and filled our eyes with the view of those verdant trees and mountains surrounding the dam.

Here are the three monkeys 🐒 who made the hike happened. From left to right Sybel, Wino and me! 😊

And if you made it this far, thank you! Happy safe hiking 🥾 too!


Seven Sisters Cliffs, UK 🇬🇧

Hello guys 😊, just want to share with you all some vitamin sea 🌊 and sunshine 🌞 . Hope this brightens up your day.

My friend and I tackle Seven Sisters Cliff on Sunday 09/08/2020. Actually she’s the one who suggested we started our hike in Seaford going to Eastbourne which I’m very grateful, because we are able to appreciate the unending majestic vista of the cliffs and turquoise beach.

Here’s a start.

And another one.

Let’s enjoy the view not our phone.😉

The trail is a 20 kilometre hike. Saw people along the way Swimming 🏊🏼‍♀️, having picnics 🧺 and just relaxing 😎 under the gaze of Mr. Sun 🌞.


It took us four hours to finished the hike. Don’t forget to wear some sunblock, bring water, banana 🍌 to keep you hydrated and get going. 😎

Not gonna lie. Definitely one of my happy place. Just look at those gorgeous aquamarine colours.

Totally worth the hype and definitely good for our mental health. A great place to rejuvenate and recharge our depleted energy.

Last part of our hike as Eastbourne came to view. You can’t see here clearly but there’s a pier and a Ferris wheel 🎡 .

If you made it this far, thank you! Sending you virtual hugs 🤗. May we all have a great week ahead.

Keep safe!

~jay Yocogan~

The Hitchin Lavender Fields, UK 🇬🇧

Life is better when you’re laughing.
~Anna Nielsen~

Twas the most beautiful picturesque place I’ve ever seen add up the sweet , fresh and gentle scent that’s all over the place. It’s very relaxing and calming to the mind.

A breath of fresh air.

My happy smile!

This place is for everyone. Literally everyone, if you’re feeling sad just come here and you’ll have a free dose of happinesses & calmness that’s cost only £6. (Entrance fee)

My friend Sybel pretending to pick the lavender, but please it’s only for our eyes.

A feast to all our senses.

Just being thankful!
Into the sea of lavenders.

Wherever you are right now hopefully, you reading and seeing this post will rejuvenate and calm your mind too! 😊

Happy stunning Saturday!


Isn’t it a miracle.

Isn’t it a miracle that thru our struggles in the past we appreciate more what we have now….

Isn’t it a miracle that a young child who grew up without parents tries his/ her very best to become the best mom/dad to their child…

Isn’t it a miracle that no matter how we put up those walls, tearing it down little by little will make us feel better…

Isn’t it a miracle that recovering from sickness it dares us to be more braver and appreciate life…

Isn’t it a miracle that while we listen to the success of our friends it motivate us to do great as well…

It’s it a miracle that working in another country will make you appreciate where you came from…

Isn’t it a miracle that when you were young you always want to grow up but now that your an adult you want to look younger…

Isn’t it a miracle how ones multiple failure will motivate oneself to not give up and try harder…

Isn’t it a miracle that no matter what our differences is, we all want to be love and needed in life….

Isn’t it a miracle that the more you live a simple life the happier you become…

Isn’t it a miracle that family is love ….

Isn’t it a miracle that being happy makes you a better person whilst staying angry will makes you more sad…

-this poem was inspired by Hyori’s Bed and breakfast. It’s a Korean tv series and that by merely watching it makes me realise that simplicity and contentment are one of the best things to have in life!

What about you, what’s your miracle?


My day!

I guessed this is one of the best birthday gift yet I’d given to myself.

Today was different, because instead of sending notification to my colleagues about what time they will come to our place, I sent a message cancelling the invitation in advance.

One of my housemates came down with the flu and we need to isolate.

Our isolation started, and just like that in just a blink of an eye it’s finished.

I have a diary where I wrote all my activities and added some reflection at the end of the day.

What I did when our isolation started is that I made myself get up almost same time every day to keep a normal sleep and waking up pattern.

After waking up made myself a hot lemon 🍋 tea 🍵, toast bread or cereal for breakfast.

Thankfully, we have a wide backyard so I spent some of my time pulling weeds on our garden, playing with dirt, I also recycled cans and make it as a flower pot. Also, we have this small apple 🍎 tree in the centre of our garden and I occasionally did selfie pictures here.😊It’s where I appreciate that isn’t it great, to find yourself some me time, to do all the things you love. Be alone and listen to your thoughts.

I kinda feel good if I’m eating healthy, doing exercise from time to time, looking after my plants 🌱, finding family time, cleaning the house, hanging out in garden while watching the squirrel 🐿 chased out the birds 🦅 and just having a relaxed conversation with my housemates.

My birthday came, it’s midnight and I was about to go to sleep when Tere started knocking on my door in the middle of the night asking me to go down cos she is having a chest pain.

I was worried and went down with her, the living room is closed and there’s no light 💡. I swicthed it on, that’s when our two housemates started singing “happy birthday” with Tere joining them.

What can I say, with cakes, gifts, balloons 🎈, plants 🌱 and of course their presence.

Teresita, Paul & Jimmy my heartfelt thank you!

Not planning things once in a while will surprise you in a way you will never imagine.

As I kick start the middle of this year turning 29, I look back and feel grateful, I don’t have any regrets about my past 28 years. Although there are a lot of bumpy roads along the way getting to 29 it’s also where I meet great people and learned so much about life.

Isn’t it cool to experience and explore things with friends and family than doing it yourself alone.

Which brings back why I’m still single at this age. My friends out there are already ticking boxes, getting married, buying a house, getting pregnant. However, I’m still here trying to find myself. Well, surprisingly I am happy.

Here’s a love letter I wrote for myself. Hope you read enjoy and why not write a letter for yourself as well.

Let spread the love, but, let’s all start first from loving ourself.

Dear Jay,

Hey beautiful!

Guessed what, you never said that to yourself out loud, I know you are always shy to say your true feelings when you are in a crowd, but hey that’s alright.

I know getting here in the uk 🇬🇧 has been a big dream of yours, but I wonder, why does it feel it’s not yet enough.

What is it that you are looking for?

You are always thinking about your family back home, always worrying about what they are doing. Jay, sometimes learn to breath and not worry. Tell you what they are safe, sound and doing great.

I know you’ve been dying to write a book, but, procrastination always wins, hey it’s alright. I know that writing is a medium you use to expressed yourself especially when you are frustrated, hurt, happy, angry and not being yourself. There are just days that if you don’t feel like it, then don’t do it. Period!

You always worry about your dad, I know how you always pray for his health and safety. Trust me he is doing okay. About your older brother, trust me he is doing great, about your younger sister, trust me she is doing well, about mom, trust me she is doing really well.

The dogs, the cat, plants, animals, nature, climate change, equality. Hahahah I want to laugh out loud as to why you need to worry about these things too!

That’s why I love you Jay.

I love how you pushed yourself to take a run in the evening, how you argue in your head whether that clothes or bag is worth buying for, or how you put those carefully choosen clothes in the cart then you decided the last minute not buy it. You are lousy shopper, but I like that.

How you cry whilst watching QUEER EYE, how you love your family, how you always consider the feelings of your colleagues before you speak to them. Always careful not to say words that might hurt them. On the opposite side, how you make jokes and laugh out loud with them once you feel comfortable in there presence.

This one got me reeling with laughter, how you act cool and collected in front of your crush when in fact deep inside you are just an ordinary girl mustering your courage not to show to him you like him. 🙂 Well can’t blame you, with his big black almond eyes, bushy brows and sexy accent who wouldn’t swoon from his charisma. I kinda love how you stalked his name and read about his works. Well at least you are learning at same time.

People always call you crazy from time to time, probably it’s cos how cool you are, the way you act so boyish but sensitive on the inside, how you dressed yourself but your room is full of girly things. Your passion for quotes and books keep it burning. I know you want to see Japan cos of your passion for anime/manga, or visit South Korea Jeju island because you binge watched Hyori’s B&B, see Matchu Picchu. Let’s make all those happen in God’s time.

I kinda like how you get nervous when you are about to run in a marathon, hopefully atleast can we make it a goal to run in one of the five major marathon in the world. Let’s do Japan, or Germany, or London, Chicago or New york. The thing I want to say to it that let us keep on running. Also can we do yoga as well, how about driving or playing the guitar,surfing.

In the meantime time Jay, you are doing great. Don’t forget to wear comfy colourful clothes, smile more, love, drink your water with lemon 🍋, keep going, keep doing what you love, keep praying, keep writing, keep being you, always have faith, don’t get jealous and learn to divert your attention, keep learning, there are so much more beautiful things waiting for you out there and here Jay.

Always keep that fire burning inside of you!

Love you more Jay!

Loving you much,


12/2019 Singapore Marathon

A letter to my Lola.

I learned to be more kind, I learned to understand and not judge why my parents needed to go from their separate ways, I learned to accept whenever people look at us and they saw a child whose family is broken. I wholeheartedly accept that, sometimes life is unfair coz from there I learn to be fair.

If you are to ask me who is the kindest most pious human I have ever meet that would be my Lola (grandmother) Hilaria.

Ever since my parents separated early in their marriage, it was her who look after us, my brother and I.

She at that time was already deaf, she used to wear this hearing aid wherever she goes, but she tends to forget wearing it which happens all the time, and you must shout on her left ear for her to be able to hear you.

I remember being a clingy child during those times that I am with her. I am like my grandmother’s shadow, wherever she goes, I go. I just cannot stand the thought of being left alone by her that is why I always make sure my hands are clinging tightly to her skirts.

I am quite glad that she never got sick of me during those entire time I glued myself with her.

Coz from waking up to bed, to feeding our dogs, cooking our meals, going to the market to buy food and traveling to work, I am always by her side.

I guessed I was scared of being left alone, cos my thought that time is that once she is out of my sight she will never come back.

My nan is a devoted Seventh Day Adventist, every Saturday she never fails to show up at our local church wearing a long skirt and knitted blouse equipped with a shoulder bag and her worn out bible, a Christian songbook, and marker all stashed inside.

As we live near our cousins, she will always go knocking at their houses and she will bring all her grandchildren with her to the church while saying that “God loves those children who go to church and worship Him.”

Sometimes she would invite my dad to come with us but he will always decline with the excuse that he is tired from work.

After church, we always go to Burnham park and play there with my cousins, my aunties who came along with us, will bring out our pack lunch and from there we will have our picnics.

And every night before we go to sleep, she has this routine that she never fails to do.

She will gather all her grandchildren, and if she happens to see us watching television which is the main reason why sometimes we do not want to pray, she would lament how that thing will poison our mind as it was the devil in the guise of a TV.

However, she will not let the TV deter her from bringing her grandchildren closer to God, so she will switch off then bring out her bible.

She called this as our “worship”.

First, to begin our worship is we are going to sing any Christian songs, subsequently, she would find a passage in the bible and one of us is going to read it out loud, then afterwards she will explain in our local dialect the meaning of what was just read to us.

Next, is that each of us her grandchildren will say their own memory verse, this is my favourite one.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16).

Following our memory verse is that one of us will pray the “Our Father”.

Thereafter, which is our favourite is the storytelling part. We will always pester her to tell the story of David and Goliath, or Samson and Delila, Father Abraham or Adam and Eve even though she relayed to us many times our fingers can count.

Lastly, she will urge us to go to say I love you to our parents. But still, I prefer to cling to her. I always got tease a lot at how clingy I was that time to my grandmother but I just do not care. My dad is kinda strict so that is why we are not that close.

As for my lola I will never forget the unconditional love she bestowed upon me and my brother, especially when both of us that time are looking for care and devotion from any available human being.

That is why when we are about to leave her, my sorrow and heartaches is great coz I will be separated from her kind love and adoring gaze. This time I am going to the province to live with my mom’s relative.

Growing up away from her care, I was faced with the toughest challenges in life, being given the responsibility to look after my siblings at a young age. What helps me makes it through those challenges is through her who opened to me how powerful prayer can be.

With God being introduced to me at a young age I utilized it as my weapon to face what this life offers to me.

I learned to be more kind, I learned to understand and not judge why my parents needed to go from their separate ways, I learned to accept whenever people look at us and they saw a child whose family is broken. I wholeheartedly accept that, sometimes life is unfair coz from there I learn to be fair.

And whenever I paid her a visit every now and then, she still has her bible in her hand which I think she never tires from reading it again and again even though she read it for like a million times. She will always preach the word of God; about how great God loves is. And I am always willing to lend my ear to listen to her sweet voice.

 And yeah Lola Hilaria, you rock and I always thank the Lord for giving you to me as the most amazing grandma here in this world. Love you!

Your Granddaughter,

Etang/Jay Yocogan

Finding light amidst the chaos.

At first it was scary, I myself can’t help but think what if, I’m gonna have it too?

What if she or he already have it?

What if my patient has it?

What if???

Tell you what, it’s all in the mind.

Train your mind to think happy and positive thoughts, focus on the good things in life and you’ll see everything else will follow.

Worry will always be around the corner, but, you will always have the choice. To be happy or unhappy. Worry or not to worry.

Hope you’ll choose wisely.😊

So this happened.

I’m working in a day surgery ward, however, when this covid happened they close it and decided to make it as an extension of NCCU. (Neuro critical care unit)

The staff in our area were deployed around the hospital.

We had this risk assessment, where in all staff had to fill up a form in order for our manager to know if we are fit to look after covid patients, as there are some restrictions if you have an asthma, cardiac disease or any other serious ailments.

Thankfully, for me, I’m healthy as a horse.

These are the things I’ve experienced, saw, and observed in this time of pandemic here in 🇬🇧 our hospital.

Our educators came forward to train us on how to do proper doffing and donning of PPE.

There’s camaraderie- amen to this as I saw people came together as one to tackle the problem. Unity is the key why we are going strong,

No visitors allowed strictly.

There’s a support line you can call if you’re feeling stressed and can’t cope up.

The support we received are just amazing and overwhelming.

There’s always free food to eat, and from 11am to 3am there’s a free hot food and water for all the hospital employees in our canteen.

There’s free Uber rides, free bus rides, free Uber eats, that can be avail by all NHS workers.

But you know what amazed me the most are the people and patients themselves. Who never failed to show us their gratitude. And in there own way help us by staying at home and not going out.

People and or company, restaurants, are sending us foods and stuff that we can eat and use every now and then.

Then here comes the patients who in there own way really look up unto us. They are trying there best to make a little fuss as much as they can, unrelentingly thanking us every now and then, and feeling sorry if they pressed the call bell.

But hey, that’s why we are here to help.

I admit most of these covid patients we are looking after are really sick, showing same symptoms which are shortness of breath, fever, the same pattern in the chest x-ray, ferritin level and D-dimer that are way beyond the normal values.

The staff who are there and willing to help, the Doctors who take their time to educate us in proper etiquette of hand washing and donning and doffing of PPE.

The Cleaners, the janitors, kitchen staff, laboratory technicians, physiotherapist, pharmacist, occupational therapist, speech and language assessment team, porters, Nurses, Doctors and all.

The teamwork.

The hope.



Love and kindness in this time of pandemic

Are one of the most beautiful thing I’ve witnessed in my time here on earth.


Thanks Lord.

Fighting everybody.

Let’s be alert not anxious.”dr mike

Love ,

jay yocogan

Self care!

Don’t ever compare yourself to other people:

According to research surfing the net, Instagram and Facebook makes people depressed as they keeps on comparing their life to other people. But here’s my secret, why don’t you follow people who inspire you to become a better you!

Most importantly remember that you are a unique human being, nothing in this world is the same as you, not even your fraternal or identical twin.😉

“There is nothing wrong with you!”

Talk to yourself:

Wake up in morning stand in front of the mirror, say “good morning, you are beautiful, you are worthy of love, you deserve to be happy and tell yourself I love you.”

Write down your thoughts:

Are you feeling sad, happy, angry, mad, frustrated, depressed, hopeful, in love or everything. Dear get that ball pen 🖊 and piece of paper 📝 and jot down your thoughts.

Spill your guts, what’s going on that beautiful mind. Then read it, reflect and ask yourself why do you feel that way. Do it again. You’ll feel better, believe me. 🤗

Read a book 📚

What’s your favourite book?

There’s just so much to learn from reading. I just finished reading, my lovely wife, the perfect wife, a little life.

And currently reading the binding, surrounded by idiots, & ikigai.


How do you let off some steam. Like if your tired and just want someone to talk to or something to do.

For me I just sing. I belt out the highest notes out there, I don’t care if I’m out of tune cos afterwards I felt better. How about you?😁

Ask help

Think 💭 positive thoughts

Say thank you!🙏🏻

Buy yourself a flowers:

My eyes are always drawn to them whenever I enter the room , it’s makes the room so beautiful, homey, lift up the mood and makes you feel relax.

Be with your family

If you’re working abroad like me, always find time to communicate with them. Trust me you will always feel better after talking to them.

Eat healthy, exercise, challenge yourself to be productive, do not procrastinate.

Last but not the very least I’d like to share this TED TALK by Johnny Crowder which is like a wake up call for me.

“There’s no such thing as “eureka” thing in life were enlightenment will comes at you any moment at any given time. ”

The truth is that it is you who decide when to make a change in your life. So either you will start acting now to make things better or are you going to still wait for the perfect moment. Coz here’s a fact, any moment is perfect to start something new, to spark something in your life, the thing is that it need to start in you!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you!

Sending good vibes and virtual hugs 🤗.



Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪

After Brussels we flew over Berlin for approximately two hours.

Berlin is cold 🥶 and gloomy but what do you expect it’s still the middle of February where winter is at its peak.

But Berlin you amaze me with how we pay for public transport. It’s all about honesty. There’s this BVG app you can download to purchase your tickets 🎫 and that’s it. No tapping of cards or tickets to machines before entering the trains or buses. You just have to go inside without someone checking your ticket.

Cool 😎 I’d say.

Yeah, so upon reaching our Airbnb we drop our bags, did some grocery shopping 🛒, cooked our dinner 🥘 and that’s it for our day one in Berlin. Hahahah pretty boring, I know right.😉

Next day we all got up early, all of us are eager to explore the city of Berlin. It’s my first time here, however, Sybel, it’s her second time around so yeah pretty much she’s like our tour guide.😊Arigato Sybel.

First stop is the TV tower.

Then the Brandenburg gate.

As we continue to amble, we saw the Berlin cathedral from afar, then we came across this park where we decided to discover whats on the end of it, so this is what I captured.

After which, we decided to find the Berlin Wall

It’s a wide whole stretch of fence made of steel and a wall of cement that’s left of the Berlin Wall.

Then from there we continue to trudge and saw the famous checkpoint Charlie.

So pretty much that’s sum’s up our day two. We walk the whole day, just taking in the beauty of Berlin which I’d say every corner we turn into there’s another story waiting to be known and history to be learn.

The next day my two friends are not that keen to come see a concentration camp, for one as Sybel already visited this area when she came here last December and Wino, I know he will not come, as he is already complaining of being tired walking the whole day yesterday.🤪

So wake up, eat breakfast and off to see the place.

When I was still working in Singapore I read the books 📚📚 The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, The Book Thief

Novel by Markus Zusak, then came The Tattooist of Auschwitz
Book by Heather Morris. ✌🏻🙏🏻❤️

That when I came to know about the word holocaust and the gist of what happened during those times.

It was then coming here at the Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen, reading and learning what really happened is just so so heartbreaking and far beyond what I can’t imagine. The magnitude of what transpired in this place is just overwhelming and gut wrenching.

Afterwards, as I needed something to distract myself from over thinking about what I’ve just known.

I decided to see Berlin cathedral up close.

There’s an entrance free if you want to see what inside, but if you want a more serene and peaceful place, beside Berlin cathedral is another church where you can come and offer your prayers.

And in front of this church ⛪️ is the famous Neptune fountain ⛲️.

Thereafter, I’ve meet with my friends and have our dinner.

Will surely comeback and visit this place again.

Berlin I’d say is beautiful, full of mystery and rich history to uncover. I know there’s still a lot of exploring to be done but since we’re short of time and money of course, I’m gonna come another time.

Thanks 😊 for the ride Berlin.

See you again.

And for all my readers thanks if you made it this far. Sending some virtual hugs 🤗 and positive vibes.

Be kind,

@jayyocogan ❤️

Brussels, Belgium 🇧🇪

From Paris to Brussels we ride the bus which took us roughly four hours.

Going to the bus station

Then from there took the train 🚞 going to our accommodation, lucky for us the place where we booked our stay is just a 30 minutes walk to the centre of Brussels.

As it’s our friend birthday as well🎁, Wino, we did some grocery shopping at Lidl to do some celebration. 🎉

The b-day boy

It was a good night , we ate pizza 🍕, macaroons, grilled meat 🥩, Apple cake and tea, whilst teasing him that he is quite a lucky bloke to had celebrated 🎉 his birthday in two places, having breakfasted in Paris then dinner in Brussels, thereafter. Hmmm 🤔 quite lucky indeed.

Afterwards, we decided to call it a night and sleep early coz we have a walking tour booked tomorrow at 10am.

Those holding the orange umbrellas 🌂 are those who provide free tours

It’s a free tour,however, at the end of the tour you need to give a donation of any amount.

Fanta- the name of our tour guide,showed us around the place. A historian herself as what she told us, she talked us through about the history of Brussels, there 🤴 kings, queens 👸, palaces and battles of their knights and how they died.

It’s where I acquired the knowledge that if the statue of the horse mounted by knight rearing one foot it was said that the rider died of battle wounds, however, if two feet of a horse was up in the in the air it means the rider died in the battle.

We commence our tour in the The Grand Place or Grote Market, the central square of Brussels.

Then navigated our way thru a cobblestone walkways where the UNESCO heritage sign was in place.

Beside the grand place is The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries. Long ago this place was only accessible to the elite and rich people. A very posh and elegant shopping district.

Afterwards, we made our way thru The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, a medieval Roman Catholic Church.

Went up hill and saw the The Royal Palace of Brussels.

Turning to the left we saw the equestrian statue of Godfrey (in French Godefroid).

Then going down the road we saw the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM).It is internationally renowned for its collection of over 8,000 instruments 🎺.

Our two hour walk tour ended at this park overlooking the statue of King Albert and Queen Elizabeth.

If your wondering about the donation, majority of us gave ten euros 💶 each.

As we still have ample time to spare, we tried their famous liege waffles 🧇. Belgium have two types waffles 🧇 one is called the Liege waffles which is preferred to be eaten along the streets as for the Brussel waffles, Belgian people prefers to eat it in high end restaurants.

Sybel, one of my good friend is her third time to be here that’s why she’s the one who showed us around the place after the tour.

So off we go to see the Manneken Pis. A small boy urinating into a fountain ⛲️, it’s quite a popular attraction so don’t miss it.

Thereupon, we saw this building decorated with colourful bikes.

We slowly amble our way up the road leading us to this magnificent vista called the Parc du Cinquantenaire or Jubelpark.

After achieving 25,000 steps walking 🚶🏾‍♀️ and seeing Brussels we headed to McDonald’s and had our early dinner there.

Subsequently, we headed to our beer tour, booked by the birthday boy 👦🏼 Wino.

Beer tour.

We meet the lovely Mathias, that’s the name of our beer guide.

My first time trying there Westmalle Trappist beer. I don’t know the difference of beers cos I’m not a drinker.

I was informed that it is the best beer around the world and I drank it and it was okay I guess.😊

Long time ago, this beer for it to be made, it must meet three criteria’s it should be from a Monastery -made by a monk -and it is non profit.

Afterwards we came out from the bar and went to another one called the Delirium tremens Bar and from there the next beer 🍻 we sample is called lambic only beer in the world with natural fermentation process. I don’t like the taste, but my friend likes it.

Summary of making the lambic: The ff. are narrated by Mathias.

Barley-water-sugar-dry-roast the more you roast the darker it gets-roasted barley-enzymes-mixed with controlled chemical yeast- eat the sugar-fermentation takes place -co2 build up-

Next one we drank is the India pale ale and I like it, it flushes away the lambic taste.

Here also is where I heard about the The Westvleteren 12 considered by some to be the best beer in the world and it is very difficult to acquire.

As well as the Orval beer where it was being made by nuns. All this shared by our very informative tour guide Mat.

If you come to Belgium, try there beer tour in Brussels not that you’ll only have a taste of their four different kind of beers 🍺 but at same time you’re gonna know and meet people around the world. Our group are from the Philippines 🇵🇭, Canada 🇨🇦, Lebanon 🇱🇧, New Zealand 🇳🇿 , Netherlands 🇳🇱 and of course our tour guide Belgium 🇧🇪.

It was for me quite a surreal experience, you’ll hear stories from different people in your group, there’s laughter, jokes and getting drunk 😵 . Don’t overdo it though, if you feel that your drunk say your good bye and go find your accommodation and sleep 😴.

Cheers and thanks for reading my blog.

I enjoyed Brussels a lot, every corner you turn into there’s an unending arrays of cute little shops tempting you with their variety of chocolates, waffles, beers, stunningly unique architectures, history and the likes.

“Dank je”